4 Common Mistakes that Invite a Thief to Steal Your Car

We all like to think that we are safe when it comes to our vehicle and our home. Yet there are four common mistakes that we all make from time to time that may as well be a steal me sign on our car. Some cars are already easier to break into than others, we don’t need to make it easier to be vandalized or stolen from. Here are the four common mistakes that invite car theft:

Valuables in View

An empty car isn’t quite as much of a temptation as a vehicle that has a camera, cell phone, purse, or other expensive item lying in the front seat. Always hide your valuables, including aftermarket music systems and speakers. These are high-dollar items for people looking to steal something they can easily sell for a big profit.

Unlocked Doors

We often feel safer about leaving the car doors unlocked if all of our valuables are hidden away or inside the home or office. Unfortunately, unlocked car doors put your car at risk for being stolen. You may think your car is safe from theft because you live in a good neighborhood with great neighbors, but all it takes is for someone to notice unlocked doors, split a few wires, and be on their way.

Secluded Parking Location

Accidents happen in busy parking lots. You may decide to park your vehicle at the end of the parking lot with sketchy lighting, in a neighboring alley, or in a parking garage to avoid damage. Unfortunately, these are ideal spots for a car thief to discover your car, break in, and steal it.

Spare Keys in a Hide-a-Key Box

We understand the frustration of locking your car keys in the car; we see it every single day. One of the best ways to come to your own rescue if you’ve locked yourself out of your car is to have a spare key in a hide-a-key box somewhere in the body of the car. Unfortunately, this is also an invitation for someone to steal your car without even having to break in. All they have to do is see the hide-a-key magnetic box, borrow your key, and they’re off.

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